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Hi guys! It is, of course, your girl Buttercup coming to you with another weekly update. I should start by saying that yes, the rumours are true. I have a new story in the works that I’ll be alluding to (hypeeeee!) and a couple of new faces to introduce on the scene. More immediately though, our very own Mistress Mirage is streaming her bodybuilding competition on Wednesday, so share the love and check it out!

Okay, so the week started with one of my sources getting in touch, asking me to rep them at a meet. You know, of the shadowy corporate kind? All very hush hush, but I was promised a story, and you know me. Out of respect for my source’s anonymity I can’t go into much detail other than they’re one of those professional operators, the only evidence of whom lies adjacent to the word ‘intrigue’ in the illustrated dictionary. Also Damsel turned up. Go figure.

They, through me, were asked to convince a researcher at a corporate black site (I’d tell you whose, but y’know, corporate kill squads?) to turn an informant. A little later, minus some journalistic acumen, a few well placed hacks by everyone’s least favourite ban dodger, and a pinch of infiltration, we had our source inside the lab and a likely mole; a net neutrality loving prodigy with a penchant for stims. We take all types in the BJ-N. A few brief conversations later and we had a time and location to make contact. One of Tlaxcala’s most notorious, most dangerous, most narcotically charged clubs. Never say I don’t risk my life for the news.

And yes, this is where the now infamous VoD comes in. Top briefly summarise: I took some pills to get closer to our source (Which I handled ably I should add), the script-kiddy hijacked the club’s subsystems, annnnnd our source got shot. You can see the rest on the VoD with faces blurred. Some quick thinking and rapid reaction by yours truly saw the only casualty of the whole affair be a drug baron’s gene-pet. RIP kitty ^-,-^7. Seriously though, I’ll never question that first aid training again. If any of you kids think the Young Orbital Pioneers are lame, remember, that medical badge might save someone’s life one day. Maybe even yours!

All this aside, the most important thing to come out of this whole rave/riot/aggravated assault/hero journalist thing is this: those stims that were circulating? Yeah, those things were pills laden with nanotech that interfaces directly with the frontal lobe. Why you ask? Networked consciousness! We’re talking singularity defining technology here, in the hands of megacorps and drug dealers. The pills were mostly harmless (comedown doesn’t come recommended, though), but the implications are anything but. The ‘corps are developing more sophisticated means of control and suppression, and they’re testing it in OUR streets, bars and clubs; even on their own researchers! If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, consider; even DAMSEL, professional lowlife, was able to hack the network and order those under its influence around the place. If Damsel can do that, think what a whole corporation can do when this stuff gets in your food and water. What’re you going to do when even RESISTANCE is driven from your mind by the marketing divisions? It makes my skin crawl.

Anyway, time came for us to make good on our little operation. With our informant secured in a trusted safehouse and their cooperation assured, we set about getting the information we were told about. Our anonymous compadre once again infiltrated the site, buzzing this intrepid reporter and her bumbling sidekick into the lab where we set up a datalink. Before Internal Affairs even knew we were there, we were out with the data, the only trace of us being my name on yet another media blacklist, like professional shadowy trains in the night!

Besides being FANTASTIC for my reputation, I’m pretty sure this marks a new stage for my career. I mean, before this week if I got knocked unconscious by a corporate assassin in a bar, I’d be outraged, but this time it seemed almost…appropriate? Maybe the stims aren’t quite out of my bloodstream, but it just makes me more excited for the story to come. The pay seems pretty good too. Stay tuned as we piece the nanotech conspiracy together and bust the fight back against corporate control.

Also, to preempt some questions, the claw wounds are healing nicely. Who knows what would’ve happened if my anonymous friend hadn’t been there, but a couple of top-ups at the Daga clinic and I’ll be as good as new. Thanks for all the get-well-soons, though! I couldn’t ask for a better community!


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